Member Management Training – September / October 2018

I want to let you know that I will be holding training sessions for the Member Management application for Financial Secretary’s this summer/fall. Grand Knights are also welcome to attend. The schedule isn’t set yet, but I suggest September and October due to summer vacations. One will be in the Huntsville/Decatur area, one in Birmingham, one in Montgomery, and one in Mobile. If your Council would like to host the session in your area please let me know.

The sessions will be about 4 hours long each, and on a Saturday morning. I will solicit “pre-registration” in advance of each session so the host can plan for the expected head count. It would be best if the host facility has a Wi-Fi connection available for use during that period, but it isn’t absolutely required. I will provide a projector to show my computer screen; if possible I would like for the host to have a screen of some sort to use with my projector. I can provide a screen if absolutely necessary, but a blank wall or a sheet will work just fine if you don’t have a screen.

If you have a particular task or feature you want covered in detail please let me know. I’ll be building new slides to represent the changes coming with the reorganization of the Service Positions and other changes to the system, so I will be able to incorporate some special requests as well.