Faith In Action Guidebook

The Faith in Action model is a realization of the changing needs of men in the twenty-first century. It seeks to balance all of our key priorities with theirs — Faith, Family, Community and life — and present them in a way that is clear to our leaders, members and prospective Knights. The simplicity of Faith in Action is that it fully integrates Building the Domestic Church programs as a foundational part of the model, limits the number of required programs to earn the Columbian award and, most importantly, allows councils to concentrate on implementing quality faith-filled family programs. our goal is for men to lead their family in service — not leave their family for service. The focus of this streamlined program is quality, not quantity.

This Faith in Action manual provides you and your council with information to both implement Supreme-recommended programs and create unique programs that help men to live out their commitment to the Catholic faith and their desire to serve family, parish and community.