Disaster Responder’s Program

The primary objective of the Knights of Columbus Disaster Responder’s Program, is to promote an active awareness of the program in each council or group of neighboring councils within the state. A second responder is a trained and registered brother Knight who is prepared to respond in support of his community, in the event of a man made or natural disaster. As part of the team or in collaboration with the council, a second responder prepares for, coordinates and participates in disaster recovery efforts with local, state and federal agencies in the periods immediately before, during and after their arrival.

Each council will develop its own emergency preparedness plan based on resources and compile a list of members who will participate. Each Grand Knight will designate a Council Disaster Coordinator who will implement the program within the council. This person should be a recognized leader within the council and have the ability to work with local Emergency Management Agency officials.

The Council Disaster Coordinator:

  • Recruits Second responder volunteers.
  • Forms teams and assigns volunteers that reflect requirements provided by the EMA director and available council resources.
  • Identifies council shortfalls to the EMA director.

It is highly recommended that all council volunteers for this program receive a police background check due to their expected access to members of the public and private property. If possible, this service should be provided free of charge by the EMA. Please check with your local EMS Director for the dates of upcoming courses.

After volunteer training is complete, the local EMA director should issue appropriate identification to allow Second responder personnel access to critical facilities and disaster areas. In the event of a disaster or an emergency, you can provide critical assistance to your first responders. Please consider joining this program.

For further details, contact our state coordinator,
John Blackburn, PGK. PFN. FDD
2094 Lakeview Road