Lee County Tornado Relief Effort Update

Brother Rob Wilburn, District Deputy #19 has really stepped up and taken the lead in organizing and communicating with those affected by the Lee County Tornado and provided the following information.

Physical Needs

Three distribution points are also churches.  They are

Providence Baptist Church
2807 Lee County Rd 166
Opelika, AL 36804
POC Tanya Knight
(334) 748 – 8555

Greater Peace Baptist Church
650  Jeter Avenue
Opelika, AL 36801
No specific POC
(334) 745 – 9847

They need the following:

  • brooms
  • mops
  • rakes
  • shovels
  • ratchet straps
  • large Rubbermaid totes
  • gift cards $25 – $50
  • bungee cords (Providence Baptist Church specific)
  • first aid kits, non-medical (Providence Baptist Church specific)
  • packaged underwear especially women’s plus size (Greater Peace Baptist Church specific)
  • men’s shirts plus size t-shirts  (Greater Peace Baptist Church specific)
  • men’s plus size pullovers  (Greater Peace Baptist Church specific)
  • men’s plus size button down shirts  (Greater Peace Baptist Church specific)

Smiths Station Baptist Church
Lee County Road 430
Smiths Station, AL  36877
POC Brother Jeff Garrett
(334) 614 – 1289

  • paper products (towels & toilet paper)
  • boxes
  • non perishable foods  

Monetary Support

Monetary donations are to be sent to
Smiths Stations City Hall Disaster Fund
2336 Lee Road 430 Ste 101
Smiths Station, AL 36877
The following designation needs to placed on the check FEMA-4419-DR.


Volunteers are especially needed at Providence and Peace Baptist Churches next week.  The majority of current volunteers are teachers who will return to work next week, if there councils or Women’s Auxiliaries that could assist it would be great.

A group is planning on volunteering on Saturday and Sunday, 3/9 and 3/10.  If you would like to be a part of the work crew, please read the following information:

The Volunteer Resource Center will be the gathering point.  It is located at
Smiths Station Baptist Church
2460 Lee Rd
Smiths Station, AL. 

The VRC is located directly behind the church.  Please assemble in the parking lot by 9:00 AM Eastern Standard Time. 

You must have a Disaster Volunteer Registration Form filled out, signed to turn in if you are participating. This form needs to be signed by each individual prior to turning in the paperwork.  Once this is completed the ID desk will issue a band for each knight and then they will be assigned to tasks as needed.

Rob has already attended the safety briefing as required for the Order so all that is required is the registration form for each volunteer and the VRC Volunteer Sign in/Sign out Record

Synopsis of safety briefing:  Always work in pairs, even if one needs to go to their vehicle do so in pairs, appointed team leader is in charge, do what they ask, stay hydrated ( they will provide the water) recommended hydration is one bottle hourly, if body parts or bodies are found notify the team leader, if you suffer an injury please seek treatment (call 911 if necessary) if you need to leave please notify the team leader, you are responsible for any personal equipment, wear appropriate clothing based on weather conditions, use sun screen as needed, decompress before you leave, personnel are available for you to talk to, and of course no flip flops (work boots are recommended).

Bring work gloves, protective head gear (hard hat if you have one),  and something to eat.  Please attend mass prior to coming out Sunday.  Rob Wilburn is the point of contact.  Please check in with him and please wear something with the Knights logo on it to let them know who we are.

Serving Those Who Serve

Special thanks go out to the Brother Knights of Council 12150 and Assembly 003 from Holy Spirit Parish in Mongomery for serving food to First Responders taking a break from helping others in the wake of the Lee County Tornado.  The Knights that we’re there were Jason Nguyen 4th Degree, Tom Ohland 3rd degree, Mike Mest 4th degree, Abe Mendez 3rd Degree, Mark Bruton 4th degree, Chuck Mcnally 2nd degree, Bubba Allison 4th degree, and Perry Burden 4th degree.