Conducting Church Drives that REALLY WORK Training Webinar

Have your church drives been lack luster? Have you stopped conducting church drives because they weren’t successful? You gathered names and not new members? Join us for about an hour and we will discuss proven ways to help your Council Church Drive be successful.
Each council officer and member needs to be a recruiter! So everyone is invited to attend!
Tuesday, August 28, 2018
7:30 PM Central Daylight Saving Time
Fraternal Training Sessions are conducted live and then available on-demand at a time and place convenient to individual members.

Thank you, and thanks to your council, for what has been done to help those in need! Register and Attend our convenient online training to grow your council in manpower and new ideas! This webinar is open to all members, because all members should be recruiters. Please share so everyone has the opportunity to participate!!